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GPBALANCE is a therapeutic and holistic yoga method created by Gustavo Ponce to awaken and rebalance your hormones. Get stronger, feel younger, be happier and reach emotional stability.

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GPBALANCE — Hormone Yoga

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100H course in Santiago, Chile, May-December 2024 (alpha + beta modules)

May 11 – December 15, 2024

Yogashala Chile offers again the 100% face-to-face training of 50 or 100 hours of GPBALANCE, guided by the teacher and creator of the method, Gustavo Ponce. You can attend comfortably on weekends, choosing either 50 or 100 hours based on your availability.

In 146 days

50H course en Oaxaca, Mexico, in November 2024

November 9 – November 16, 2024

We are waiting for you on the paradisiacal beaches of the coast of Oaxaca, in this intensive GPBALANCE Hormonal Yoga and Energy Medicine Course with Professor Gustavo Ponce and Dr. Rodrigo Alcazar. Discover the benefits of practicing this method and at the same time enjoy free time to relax.

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The method

GPBALANCE invites us to connect to our body, to our breath, to the present moment. The postures, breathing and inner massages stimulate the endocrine glands for a harmonious and proactive health. Women and men from all walks of life: this practice is for you.

Discover the benefits

Gustavo Ponce

The founder

A pioneer in the teaching of yoga in Latin America, Gustavo Ponce is a former Chilean Ambassador to Japan, international businessman, writer and columnist in yoga magazines in several countries. He is the founder of the GPBALANCE method.

Gustavo Ponce



I had the chance to take two hormonal yoga teacher trainings thanks to Frédérique Verdeau. The first, hosted by Dinah Rodrigues, was the start of my journey into hormonal wellness and yoga. This is why I did not hesitate for a second when Frédérique told me about the GPBALANCE training. Led by Gustavo Ponce, I was enthusiastic about this training. Gustavo is very pedagogical, he shares with great generosity all his knowledge learned from the greatest yogis masters and put at the service of hormonal balance. I experienced this training as a great homecoming. I came back to my breathing, to my body with a more developed consciousness. The exercises are varied, both accessible and demanding. A return to balance that accompanies me in my daily practice and that I look forward to sharing with my students.

Catherine Couput (France)
With Gustavo Ponce + Fanny Lehideux + Frédérique Verdeau + Pati Peguero (France, 2023)

Thank you again for this initiation that has filled us with joy, and for your kindness towards us Frédérique. After feeling like an illiterate entering the French Academy when we introduced ourselves, we quickly forgot the gap that separated us from the other trainees and this thanks to you and Fanny.

Jean François Combes (France)
With Fanny Lehideux + Frédérique Verdeau (France, 2022)

The practice of GPBALANCE has been revolutionary for me because I feel that on the one hand, it gives me a lot of energy, I don't feel tired during the day and on the other hand, it is a method that saves yoga techniques and practices that were a bit forgotten and that I had no way of accessing beyond literature and I felt that something was missing in my personal practice. From what I have seen, it is also revolutionizing the lives of others, even those who have never practiced yoga. GPBALANCE is wonderful and I think you should spread the word because it is truly energy medicine.

Yanei Salgado (Chile)
With Gustavo Ponce (Chile, 2022)

As I believe nothing happens by chance, GPBALANCE was exactly what I needed. A lot of broken paradigms, a practice partly very different from the one I have been practicing for years, which is based on Iyengar Yoga, but a practice that energizes me and strengthens my body a lot, I feel really good.

Mariana Akamine Bergamasco (Brazil)
With Juliana Spelta + Gustavo Ponce (Brazil, 2021)

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The team

Carla Acevedo

Junior teacher

Carla, a commercial engineer and yoga practitioner for more than 20 years, is passionate about sports and healthy living. She strives to share the benefits of regular yoga practice with her students in her classes.

Yaney Tatiana Salgado Fonseca

Junior teacher

At 27, she left music for yoga, becoming a Hatha Yoga instructor with 900 hours of training and completing 100 hours of GPBALANCE training with Gustavo Ponce.

Coordinator in Belgium

Fanny Lehideux

Junior teacher

Fanny discovered yoga at 16 and has since used various techniques to support her personal growth. Meeting Gustavo Ponce and GPBALANCE was a pivotal moment for her.

Coordinator in France

Frédérique Verdeau

Junior teacher

Frédérique trained as a GPBALANCE hormone yoga teacher with Gustavo Ponce in 2020. She organise worldwide yoga events and propose private GPBALANCE hormonal yoga clases in Aix en Provence.

Felipe Barros

Junior teacher

Felipe has balanced a banking career with sports for 40 years. In 2019, he started practicing GPBALANCE yoga and now aims to teach it to middle-aged students to enhance their quality of life.

Ana Ordóñez

Junior teacher

Ana lives in Barcelona. She started practicing yoga in 2008 and has been practicing since then. In may 2023 she completed the 500 h Yoga Alliance teacher's training and the GPBALANCE junior teacher's training.

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Endometriosis is a chronic disease that affects approximately 10% of women of childbearing age. Among the complementary alternatives to allopathic medicine or surgery is hormonal yoga GPBALANCE.

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