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GPBALANCE is a therapeutic and holistic yoga method created by Gustavo Ponce to awaken and rebalance your hormones. Get stronger, feel younger, be happier and reach emotional stability.

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GPBALANCE — Hormone Yoga

Upcoming activities

In 17 days

50H course in Monterey, Mexico, March–June 2024 (alpha module)

March 8 – June 9, 2024

This 50-hour alpha module, will be taught over 3 weekends between March and June 2024, in Monterrey by Isabel Vera Cantisani, the first certified teacher in Mexico.

In 263 days

50H course en Oaxaca, Mexico, in November 2024

November 9 – November 16, 2024

We are waiting for you on the paradisiacal beaches of the coast of Oaxaca, in this intensive GPBALANCE Hormonal Yoga and Energy Medicine Course with Professor Gustavo Ponce and Dr. Rodrigo Alcazar. Discover the benefits of practicing this method and at the same time enjoy free time to relax.

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The method

GPBALANCE invites us to connect to our body, to our breath, to the present moment. The postures, breathing and inner massages stimulate the endocrine glands for a harmonious and proactive health. Women and men from all walks of life: this practice is for you.

Discover the benefits

Gustavo Ponce

The founder

A pioneer in the teaching of yoga in Latin America, Gustavo Ponce is a former Chilean Ambassador to Japan, international businessman, writer and columnist in yoga magazines in several countries. He is the founder of the GPBALANCE method.

Gustavo Ponce



Meeting GPBALANCE allowed me to learn a method that brings together what is really a practice of Hatha Yoga, it is a method that allows to find the Conscious Being (physical body, subtle body and causal body), each at its own pace, experiencing in each technique of each section its effects, helping to find the balance that everyone needs. A wonderful, complete and very effective method. Once again eternally grateful to Gustavo for all his generosity in sharing this knowledge and creating this excellent method.

Andrea Dinamarca (Chile)
With Gustavo Ponce (Chile, 2022)

A great week, my body is already feeling the benefits of the practice. Thank you Fanny and Frédérique for sharing your knowledge, and thank you to all the girlfriends.

Elisabeth Geymet (France)
With Fanny Lehideux + Frédérique Verdeau (France, 2021)

Participating in your workshop was a unique, complete and enriching experience. I definitely plan to take your training course next year, if you come to Brazil. In addition to the experience of your method, you are, as a teacher, friendly, calm, super didactic, generous, studious and so on... Congratulations ! Gratitude to the Universe for knowing you personally, and for having experienced this wonderful method, GPBALANCE.

Suzy Arregue (Brazil)
With Juliana Spelta + Gustavo Ponce (Brazil, 2021)

Thank you to all your teaching and organizing team for their kindness, availability and benevolence during this course, it was a pleasure to be among you all. I really liked the atmosphere in general and of course the work done together. Thank you also for the many rich course materials.

Evelyne Roussillon (France)
With Gustavo Ponce + Frédérique Verdeau + Fanny Lehideux + Pati Peguero (France, 2023)

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The team

Ana Ordóñez

Junior teacher

Ana lives in Barcelona. She started practicing yoga in 2008 and has been practicing since then. In may 2023 she completed the 500 h Yoga Alliance teacher's training and the GPBALANCE junior teacher's training.

Coordinator in France

Frédérique Verdeau

Junior teacher

Frédérique trained as a GPBALANCE hormone yoga teacher with Gustavo Ponce in 2020. She organise worldwide yoga events and propose private GPBALANCE hormonal yoga clases in Aix en Provence.

Joanna Diaz

Junior teacher

Joanna, a physical education teacher from Chile, found her passion in fitness and yoga, becoming a certified RYT 500 instructor and continuing to deepen her studies to bring Gustavo Ponce's methods to Italy in the future.

Yaney Tatiana Salgado Fonseca

Junior teacher

At 27, she left music for yoga, becoming a Hatha Yoga instructor with 900 hours of training and completing 100 hours of GPBALANCE training with Gustavo Ponce.

Gustavo Ponce

GPB Founder

A pioneer in the teaching of yoga in Latin America, Gustavo Ponce is a former Chilean Ambassador to Japan, international businessman, writer and columnist in yoga magazines in several countries.

Carla Acevedo

Junior teacher

Carla, a commercial engineer and yoga practitioner for more than 20 years, is passionate about sports and healthy living. She strives to share the benefits of regular yoga practice with her students in her classes.

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This holistic and integral therapeutic discipline, created by Chilean yoga master Gustavo Ponce (76), provides valuable tools to care for, balance and strengthen our endocrine, immune and sexual systems.

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Meditation is a state: You are either in that state or you are not. Meditation happens or it doesn't; it cannot be forced. Meditation cannot be explained.

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Endometriosis is a chronic disease that affects approximately 10% of women of childbearing age. Among the complementary alternatives to allopathic medicine or surgery is hormonal yoga GPBALANCE.

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