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Karina García Pastén

Karina García PasténCoordinator in Chile

Junior teacher

Today, Kari teaches at Yogashala, Santiago de Chile, where she was certified as a GPBALANCE hormonal yoga teacher, under the teaching of Gustavo Ponce.

She enjoys teaching and seeing the benefits of the tools she shares with students seeking better health.

Before teaching yoga, her work as a computer engineer did not make her happy, but she learned a lesson from it: always give the best of yourself, always give 100%, and wherever you are, never lose sight that one day we find the way to our own place.

One of her great dreams was to have a job that makes her happy, so today her Sankalpa has come true, and her energy is now directed towards the realization of the next Sankalpa!

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What students say about Karina García Pastén

If I had to translate GPBALANCE into one word, it would be "health". Despite the fact that I have recently started my first 50 hours of training, I can already perceive the wealth of information it contains, I think that everything I have seen so far leads on the right path to improve our physical, mental and emotional well-being. And I must emphasize that one of the things that has attracted my attention the most and that is still present, is that I am more and more aware of the importance of the breath, its power and its important impact on our body.

Caro Loberade (Chile)
With Gustavo Ponce + Karina García Pastén (Chile, 2022)

The GPBALANCE Hormonal Yoga workshop led by Gustavo Ponce is simply spectacular, extraordinarily clear and enjoyable. For me, it meant discovering and understanding the importance of the pelvic floor and why a physical problem might occur in the future. I discovered exercises that will give me security in the future both in the sexual aspect and in the prevention of certain dysfunctions that fortunately I do not have yet.

Ana María Saldivia (Chile)
With Karina García Pastén + Gustavo Ponce (Chile, 2022)

GPBALANCE has improved my prostate, my overall health.

Patricio Prado (Chile)
With Karina García Pastén + Gustavo Ponce (Chile, 2022)

I consider this a must-attend course for both teachers and yoga practitioners for its methodology and for the combination of theory and practice that enriches it and gives it the necessary context for proper learning.I invite all yoga practitioners to take this course and learn all that Gustavo has accumulated and experienced over the years.

Julio Auad (Chile)
With Gustavo Ponce + Karina García Pastén (Chile, 2022)

Since I discovered this method, I felt that I was in front of a complete and compact system of knowledge, a summary of a lifetime of research, learning, study and practice. That captivated me.

Luis Felipe Martinoia (Chile)
With Gustavo Ponce + Karina García Pastén (Chile, 2021)

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