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Yaney Tatiana Salgado Fonseca

Yaney Tatiana Salgado Fonseca

Junior teacher

At the age of 27, Yaney put music aside to dedicate herself completely to yoga.

She began to practice daily and trained as a Hatha Yoga instructor, specializing in Children’s, Prenatal and Senior Adult Yoga, totaling 900 hours of training.

She later specialized in Inclusive Yoga, to later begin her GPBALANCE training with teacher Gustavo Ponce at Yogashala.

She has just finished her 100 hrs corresponding to level 1 and she feels better than ever. She has not been on this path for many years, but they have been forceful years, where she has practiced rigorously, has constantly read yoga texts, has attended numerous workshops or Masterclasses, and has had the opportunity to take many classes in different places in the capital of Chile, for which she feels lucky and grateful.

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