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Juliana Spelta

Juliana SpeltaCoordinator in Brazil

Junior teacher

Juliana has 15 years of experience in medical science. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Speech Therapy from Vila Velha University, Brazil (2004), a post-title in Orofacial Motricity (2006) with a specialty in dysphagia (2007), and a Ph.D. in Evidence-Based Medicine, Health Science, and Sleep Medicine from the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (2010).

Finding a symbiosis between her yoga practice and knowledge, as well as her academic research and studies, Juliana also created a technique for sleep apnea with a strong base in pranayama.

She is currently dedicated to teaching breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques and also acts as an organizer of GPBALANCE training courses in Brazil.

What students say about Juliana Spelta

I left feeling rested, energized, sleeping better, I feel like I got that vital energy back that my acupuncturist told me I was low on, even doing the same things, I am another Woman ! ! ! I really want to continue the practice, even to evaluate if I can avoid medication for now (I am in the climacteric phase, on my way to menopause and my thyroid has been inflamed for the past 2 years). I am interested in continuing my studies and I continue to practice. Grateful. I hope to see you again soon.

Valquiria Urbano (Brazil)
With Juliana Spelta + Gustavo Ponce (Brazil, 2021)

Participating in your workshop was a unique, complete and enriching experience. I definitely plan to take your training course next year, if you come to Brazil. In addition to the experience of your method, you are, as a teacher, friendly, calm, super didactic, generous, studious and so on... Congratulations ! Gratitude to the Universe for knowing you personally, and for having experienced this wonderful method, GPBALANCE.

Suzy Arregue (Brazil)
With Juliana Spelta + Gustavo Ponce (Brazil, 2021)

As I believe nothing happens by chance, GPBALANCE was exactly what I needed. A lot of broken paradigms, a practice partly very different from the one I have been practicing for years, which is based on Iyengar Yoga, but a practice that energizes me and strengthens my body a lot, I feel really good.

Mariana Akamine Bergamasco (Brazil)
With Juliana Spelta + Gustavo Ponce (Brazil, 2021)

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