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Joanna Diaz

Joanna Diaz

Junior teacher

Born in Antofagasta, in northern Chile, Joanna is a physical education teacher.

At the age of 25, she discovered her passion for fitness in all its forms, which became her reason for living. During her ongoing research, she became interested in yoga and started attending the Gustavo Ponce Yogashala school.

She has been continuously practicing and taking part in the school’s training courses since then. She is certified as an RYT 500 Yoga Alliance International instructor from India. Additionally, she has received training as a GPBALANCE hormonal yoga teacher and a Sattva Vinyasa yoga teacher under Gustavo Ponce.

She currently lives in Santiago de Chile where she maintains her own business Meanwhile, she continues to deepen the study of yoga at the Yogashala school with the aim of perpetrating and applying Gustavo’s methods in Italy, where she will move within a couple of years.

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