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Coordinator in Chile

Karina García Pastén

Junior teacher

Initially self-taught, Kari has studied and practiced yoga extensively for the past 8 years. Her studies will lead to her certification as a GPBALANCE hormonal yoga teacher.

Gustavo Ponce

GPB Founder

A pioneer in the teaching of yoga in Latin America, Gustavo Ponce is a former Chilean Ambassador to Japan, international businessman, writer and columnist in yoga magazines in several countries.

Joanna Diaz

Junior teacher

Born in Antofagasta, Chile, Joanna is a physical education teacher. She started her yoga training in 2018 by attending Gustavo Ponce's school. She is RYT 500 certified and trained as a GPBALANCE yoga teacher.

Yaney Tatiana Salgado Fonseca

Junior teacher

At the age of 27, she left music to dedicate to yoga. She began to practice daily and trained as a Hatha Yoga instructor with 900 hours of training to later train at GPBALANCE with Gustavo Ponce.

María José Esteban Kother

Junior teacher

Due to her experiences and her own curiosity, in the last 5 years she dedicated herself to the study and practice of physical, mental and emotional well-being. She is currently a GPBALANCE Instructor.

Tania Andrea Matamala Friderichsen

Junior teacher

Tania is a Hatha Yoga teacher, GPBALANCE instructor and Biodecoding student. Her objective is to deliver a safe and healthy practice, focused on changing the perception of old age and improving the quality of life.

Francisca Marshall

Junior teacher

In life you discover things that you feel the desire to share, and in Francisca's case practicing yoga was one of those. Last year she finished 100 hrs of GPBALANCE training, under the teaching of Gustavo Ponce.

Lucy Cominetti

Junior teacher

Lucy is a very curious, passionate and sensitive woman who has found a way of life in well-being.


Past activity

2H workshop in Santiago, Chile (June 2023)

June 25, 2023

Join us for a special celebration in honor of International Yoga Day. Experience the power of unity as we come together to practice the complete sequence of 50 GPBALANCE techniques. This immersive event is led by Karina and Tania, certified teachers of GPBALANCE.

Past activity

100H course in Santiago, Chile, April-November 2023 (alpha + beta modules)

April 29 – November 12, 2023

In 100 hours you will learn the 50 detailed techniques with an emphasis on the how, with Karina García, the first certified teacher in Chile, and then you will learn the why of each technique, with the participation of the creator, Gustavo Ponce.

Past activity

8H workshop in Reñaca, Chile, in March 2023

March 25 – March 26, 2023

Master class directed by Gustavo Ponce, creator of the GPBALANCE method, which combines hormonal yoga with ancestral techniques from India, China and Japan, which makes it a disease prevention system and accompanies the healing of hormonal ailments typical of men and women .

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