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The GPBALANCE book collection consists of 10 books covering a wide range of topics, including aging, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and more. These books are an essential complement to the method’s practice. Currently, four of them are already available on

GPBALANCE. The Hidden Connection between Stress, Anxiety, Depression and your Hormones

E-book • Paperback • 122 pages • 2023

GPBALANCE is a journey of self-awareness, fostering emotional and mental consciousness. By developing these skills, individuals become more perceptive to subtle changes in mood and can consciously confront challenges they face.

GPBALANCE. Conscious Breathing and Hormones

E-book • Paperback • 238 pages • 2022

This book is a scientific-validated adventure into the lost art of breathing. It explores the transformation that occurs inside our bodies every time we inhale and exhale.


E-book • Paperback • 125 pages • 2022

GPBALANCE is made up of 50 techniques, divided into 5 sections. Each section and each technique will be explained in detail. The entire practice takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

GPBALANCE. Hormone Yoga

Paperback • 275 pages • 2019

GPBALANCE is a sequence of 40 techniques divided into 5 sections where 4 different types of breaths are used to activate the endocrine glands and obtain a correct functioning of the hormones.

Other books by Gustavo Ponce

Yoga. The science of body and soul

E-book • 746 pages • 2017

Axis Yoga

E-book • 917 pages • 2016

Dynamic Yoga

Paperback • 301 pages • 2002

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